Marc Jacob velvet noir mascara

If you are looking for a mascara that can give you the dramatic over sized lashes and velvet-like look , I definitely recommend the velvet noir major volume mascara by @marcbeauty .

I’ve been testing out this super hyped mascara for a few days now and I’m super impressed with how it adds volume and length without clumping , smudging or flake throughout the day 😍 !

The wand has almost an hour glass shape with a little bristles going on opposite directions that makes every single lash gets enhanced for more fluffy and defined look .

The formula is not too wet nor too dry with super concentrated black pigment , easy to apply and easy to remove with any makeup remover since it’s not a water proof mascara .

I received this product complimentary from @influensterme @marcbeauty to review .


Soufeel jewelry

” your jewelry introduces you before you even speak ”

And my gorgeous fashionable 14k golden personalized name necklace with adjustable length from soufeeljewelry do exactly that 😁😍

You can get you own personalized jewelry with 15% discount code : Latyv15 . Link :

PS : this is not a paid ad .



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Luscious cosmetics face contouring kit

Luscious cosmetics is a cosmetic brand adopting cruelty free and vegan practices !!!!

@lusciouscosmetics was kind enough to send me their face contouring kit and that cute little ice-cream mirror 🍦

As a makeup artist and a makeup junkie 🤫😂, I’ve tried many contouring kit from high end brands to drugstore brands , and this @lusciouscosmetics face contouring kit is one of my favorites right now 💕👌🏻.

This kit containe 4 blendable and pigmented powder shades : 2 matte contour contour shades , 1ultra silky highlighter , and 1 illuminator to help you highlight , define and sculpt your features in a few easy steps.

🚨 This kit is 109 AED on their website , but if you are interested you can save 10% using this code : LATIFA10

link :

اذا أعجبك المنتج

للطلب ادخل على الرابط بالبيو واستخدم الكود : LATIFA10 للحصول على خصم بقيمة 10% على كل المنتجات .

Miracle contouring kit

My voxbox

I had received those @maxfactorarabia products thanks to @influenster , @influensterme complimentary to review .

The products are :

1. Facefinity 3in1 primer , concealer and foundation

2. Miracle contouring palette

3.miracle glow duo pro illuminator

4. Facefinity compact foundation •


my experience and review :

1. Facefinity 3in1 foundation

I really love this foundation !!!! I have a very dry skin and I never apply foundation to my skin before using primer first , but this product does exactly what it says !! After wearing it for a long 8 hours it didn’t dry or oxidize and I didn’t need to touch up , it’s a long lasting foundation with medium to full coverage and matte finish .light weight on the skin and buildable as well ,easy to blend with a brush or beauty blender and the price is very affordable . To shop use this link :

2. Miracle contouring

I used the 3-2-1 technique as the instruction booklet coming with this palette to help achieving the perfect contour and highlight for all face shape and skin tones out there.

This palette containe : 8 shades , 4 of them for contouring , 2 to lift , and 2 to highlight , with soft creamy texture wish make it easy to blend and to build with a brush or a beauty blender. Price : 103 AED and now 31,97 AED in this link :

3. Miracle glow duo pro illuminator light 10

It’s a duo palette with a matte nude shade and a shimmery gold with a creamy light weight texture what make it easy to apply wherever you want to highlight your face .

link :

4. Facefinity compact foundation 006 golden

This product come in a beautiful gold packaging and a nice sponge inside . The texture is kind of creamy dry combination , the coverage is medium to full and buildable as well !! I have to say that I used it out on top of the liquid foundation , but you can wear it only with a moisturizer under it . Use this link to buy this product




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Foodaholic cucumber essence sheet mask

Review and demo

As we all know cucumber can help in lightening and revitalizing the skin , and it’s anti- inflammatory properties can help deal with skin break out ,and can be used to remove tan or to relive sunburn at summer .

So I was happy when I received this cucumber sheet mask from Skin18 , as like all of the other ladies out there I’m too lazy to make my own home made recipe mask

Cucumber natural essence sheet mask

about Foodaholic cucumber natural essence sheet mask

🥣 essence : clear and watery essence

🥒scent : pleasant cucumber scent

🧖‍♀️ fit : the excellent contact of 3 D shape cover the entire face

🎭 sheet : the sheet mask is soaked in essence 23g of cucumber extract

📦 packaging typical thick foil , with a folded , well -soaked sheet.

Ingredient :

Water , glycerin , alcohol , hydrogenated castor oil , cucumber extract , apple extract……

How to use :

The mask feels very soft , and doesn’t drip

  • Arrange the skin with a skin toner after washing it

  • Match the sheet from the eye and fix it all over the face with a fingertip

  • Remove the mask after 20 ~ 30 minutes

  • Massage the remaining fluids lightly

Feeling fresh , healthy , and glowing

My experience :

Applying the mask was easy because of the excellent contact of 3D shape and the thin basis that provides a tight contact with the skin and a better penetration of the essence .

The mask was saturated in clear watery like essence , and because now it’s hot here in Dubai I did keep the package in to the refrigerator for sometime before putting it onto my face , and I could feel refreshing the very first minute I apply it !!! I wore it for 30 minute but after 20 min had past the sheet start to become a little bit dry , maybe because I have a very dry skin so my skin absorbed the essence very fast ☺️ and after removing my face was very bright , soft and more moisturized .

Overall if you are looking for affordable natural beauty products to moisturizer , cooler , nourish and increase elasticity of your skin 👌🏻 you are going to love it

Price : 1.40 USD on Skin18

Review of the max factor eye studio product

It’s about time to do my review for @maxfactorarabia after multiple use of the product that I received from @influenster @influensterme

  1. brow sharper and brow contouring kit

Brow sharper : is a twist up brow pencil with a soft brush , this is a must have 👌🏻,it become my every day essential since I tried it . You can draw very thin hairs and fill the gaps in your brow easily.

Brow contouring kit : you can get a priciest sculpt and perfect brow with this kit as it contain 3 dark colors and 1 highlighter witch will make your brow sharper and well defined

2. eye shadow palettes

Master piece nude palette : 03 rose nude and 02 golden nude every each shadow in this beautiful palettes is so pigmented and the texture is very soft even for shimmery onces ,and I have noticed that that 2 golden shades can be used as highlighter as well 😊👏🏻

3. Eyeliner

Color x-pert eyeliner deep black : very easy to apply and the most important for me it’s non-irritating at all , water proof but come off easily with any make up remover

4. Mascara

Voluptuous false lashes effect mascara : great dark black mascara with a twisted brush that keep the lashes separates and give length and volume .very easy to apply and if you apply multiple layers you can achieve the dramatic look💃💃

Definitely recommend those product as the quality is good and the price is very affordable 👌🏻

Make up eraser review

Make up eraser : is a cloth that you simply wet it with warm water and rub on your face in circular motion

فوطة مزيل المكياج : هي عبارة عن قطعة من القماش الناعم التي تزيل المكياج عن البشرة بعد ان تقومي بتبليلها بالماء الدافئ وفرك بشرتك بحركة دائرية بها.

My experience : i tried out the make up remover for the first time when I received it as a gift from Sephora and to my surprise it actually removed all of my make up even water proof mascara , and liquid lipstick that normally I have to remove it with oily base make up cleanser .تجربتي مع هذا المنتج : اول مرة قمت بتجربته كانت بعد ان حصلت عليه كهدية من سيفورا ، ودهشت فعلا بعد ان قمت باستخدامه !! لانه فعلا ازال كل المكياج عن بشرتي حتى الماسكارا المضادة للماء و احمر الشفاه الذي كنت دائما احتاج الى مزيل يحتوي على الزيت لإزالته . The advantage of make up eraser : make up eraser are washable in your regular laundry , so in my opinion by having it you are saving money in long run , by saving money on make up remover product such : cleanser , cotton pads , make up wipes….. and its ecofriendly .مميزات المنتج : يمكن غسل هذا المنتج في غسالة الملابس أو حتى يدوياً واستخدامه لمرات متعددة ، لهذا فعند شرائك لهذا المنتج فأنت توفرين للمدى البعيد بعدم إضطرارك الى شراء منتجات ازالة المكياج مثل : القطن ، مزيل المكياج ، أو مناديل ازالة المكياج وغيرها ……كل مرة